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    • 19 Nov 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union 220 Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL

    Speaker: Sharon Lovoy 

    Sharon W. Lovoy, SPHR, owner of Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc., is a training facilitator, executive coach, keynote speaker and intervention specialist in high stakes organizational challenges.  She has had the privilege of working with over 300 clients in the US and Canada. She has worked with organizations such as Mercedes Benz USI, UAB Health Systems, Penn St Campus Police, Honda and various state and city governments around the country.  Her work includes training, executive coaching, consulting for special projects and facilitating dialogue about difficult topics that are challenging growth and progress. Sharon is certified in Coaching, Mediation, Emotional Intelligence and Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and Sharon is a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations™, Crucial Accountability™ and Influencer


    Great Teams: What do they look like, how do they communicate

    and why do they need to connect, team to team and one-on-one?

    Healthy teams result from a culture where people don’t feel misused, overused, underused or abused.  Employee engagement correlates to individual, group, and organizational performance in the areas of productivity, retention, turnover, customer service, and loyalty.


    People are an asset that does not depreciate over time.  It is just the opposite as people grow, business grows.  No great company gets there on the strength of a handful of leaders.

    Healthy teams have healthy communication and problem- solving skills correlate to individual, group, and organizational performance improvement in:


    §  Productivity

    §  Customer service

    §  Loyalty

    §  Retention

    §  Turnover



    People are an asset that does not depreciate over time.  It is just the opposite; as people grow, business grows.


    No great organization gets there on the strength of a handful of leaders.



    A healthy team culture

    ensures success!


    Participants in this session will receive useful, practical information that can be applied immediately including:


    ·        identifying the benchmarks of a healthy, well-functioning team.


    ·        how to use those benchmarks to create and protect a healthy culture.


    ·        how to resolve problems with your team and the teams you collaborate with including customers, clients and management.


    ·        recognize the advantages of teamwork and developing team leadership skills.


    ·        develop team mission and essential ground rules.

    • 03 Dec 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union 220 Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL

    This year ATDNAL is sponsoring  Clothe our Kids of North Alabama as our charity fund raiser.

    As many of you know, we do our luncheon fee a little different for our charity event. All you have to do is register for the event and the fee will be a donation of an item listed. When you sign in to register the following will be the list of registration fees:

    all items for sizes 2T thru adult XL:

    NEW Package socks

    NEW package underwear

    New Tennis shoes

    Wal-Mart gift card ($10 or more)  

    All the items are needed but Wal-Mart Gift cards are important also because when they run out of an item requested for a child, they go to Wal Mart and purchase the items for them. 

    Please encourage friends, family and coworkers to attend this luncheon and donate to this very worthy cause. Lunch will be provided by the Chapter based on head count of people registered with donations.

    Register early, recruit your family, friends and coworkers to register as well and bring a donation, have a great lunch and network and get to know our group.  

    I hope we get people who have never heard of ATD or never been to one of our meetings to hear about this and attend to support this great cause, learn more about ATD and possibly win one of (3) $100 gift cards. 

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